What we fund

The Joanna Toole Foundation exists to support causes that Jo was passionate about, so that we can build and continue her legacy. 

Please read our funding criteria carefully before applying for a grant. The Foundation will only consider applications that meet all or some of the following criteria:

  • Projects that advance the welfare of animals, in particular but not exclusively, that of marine fauna.
  • Projects that advance the education and training of the public and professionals to the anthropogenic threats to the welfare of animals, in particular but not exclusively, that of marine fauna.
  • Projects that promote scientific research into the welfare of animals, in particular but not exclusively, that of marine fauna.

Grants will only be made to registered charities, individuals or groups that make positive contributions in line with the objectives of the Foundation.  

Further Information – What We Do Fund
  1. We fund projects that promote the protection and improvement of all species of animals. 
  2. We fund projects both in the UK and overseas and there are no geographical restrictions. 
  3. We fund projects that demonstrate innovative educational and training opportunities that counter threats to the welfare of animals and provide solutions.
  4. We fund projects that carry out applied research that focuses on solving animal welfare problems.
Exclusions – What We Don’t Fund
  • We will not fund scientific research that causes suffering or harm to animals.
  • Research that does not demonstrate an applied approach. 
  • Work that does not directly or indirectly benefit the welfare of animals.
  • Capital costs if they cannot show a tangible outcome that meets our criteria.
  • The promotion of any religious ideology.
  • The promotion of any political ideology or party.
  • Salaries and ongoing revenue costs of running an organisation and/or operating and maintaining facilities.

Length of Projects and Multi-year funding

There is no minimum or maximum time requirement for the projects we fund, but all projects must result in clear tangible outputs that fulfil the objectives. The Joanna Toole Foundation will also fund projects that require multi-year funds. The applicant must be able to clearly demonstrate why these funds are needed over that multi-year period of time. (Please see Grant Application Form). Projects seeking multi-year funding can apply for funds that meet this amount on an every 12 month basis. 

Level of Grant Provided

Our aim is for the Foundation to support multiple projects each year. As a result, a typical grant amount provided by the Foundation to any one applicant is between £1000 and £10,000. For exceptional and relevant projects we will consider up to £15,000.   If the costs of a project is higher than the Foundation can or is willing to donate, we will consider partial funding if:

  • the applicant can demonstrate they will receive match funding.
  • the Foundation’s donation is a substantial part of the project cost; or
  • the Foundation’s donation is used for a clearly defined part of the project.

Reporting Requirements

At the Joanna Toole Foundation, transparency and accountability are fundamental principles guiding our commitment to supporting impactful projects and initiatives for animal welfare. By providing transparent and detailed reports on how our donation is being utilised, successful applicants can demonstrate their commitment to responsible stewardship of these funds and their dedication to achieving meaningful outcomes for animals. We can also use this information, with permission of the successful project, to help highlight the great work being done through our own social media and reporting platforms. We therefore require any successful applicants to provide at a minimum, a report six months post receipt of funds. Further reporting requirements may change depending on the length of the project and/or amount of fund received.