Grant Decision Process

All applicants to the Joanna Toole Foundation (JTF) are required to fill out our Grant Application Form and have read and understood the conditions and criteria that must be met to be considered as a grant recipient.

Organisations or individuals may make a speculative application at any time for a grant to support any project that meets objectives of the Foundation. We will also advertise on the website when we are actively seeking applications. Applicants must be aware however that our Trustee Board and Advisors meet up to a maximum of three times a year to decide on who should be a recipient of a grant.

From time to time the JTF will invite grant applications for projects that address a specific need that we have identified. We will promote, in good time, each such opportunity on our website and elsewhere and the rules specific to that process will be highlighted.

The Decision process

Our Trustee board and Advisors have a wealth of experience within the field of animal welfare and collectively decide what projects we want the Joanna Toole Foundation to fund. 

We receive a lot of applications and must make difficult decisions. We favour projects that are sustainable, set out to have a wider benefit and we will also favour projects we believe Jo would have wanted to see being carried out. 

Below is a simple outline on how we make our decision and thereafter. Please note that the decision of the board is final.