Supporting Nowzad in Afghanistan

September 20, 2021

Photo: (Credit Nowzad) Nowzad – Donkeys receiving vaccinations against rabies and tetanus

As most of us already know, the NGO, Nowzad, a well respected organisation in Kabul has recently had to evacuate most of its staff and dogs and cats. Thankfully, after some very concerning and we imagine terrifying few weeks, the animals and their dedicated talented team of staff have made it out of Afghanistan. This was not sadly without the loss of 6 cats who died during a tear gas attack near the Kabul airport. However we are delighted to hear that all the vets and clinic staff have all been offered jobs and support for any training/certification they may need by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. All of their other staff have jobs waiting for them too. The animals (94 dogs and 68 cats) are well and in quarantine/boarding kennels in the UK.

Before this evacuation, the clinic and animal rescue shelters were constantly busy treating and rescuing  animals in need and they were making great progress with our animal welfare education work. Their Working Animal Project was also well under way helping the many working donkeys through their treatment and injury prevention programme. The Foundation had funded Nowzad earlier in the year specifically to support this project and we have been told that a senior member of the Afghan veterinary team has opted to stay in Kabul and continue with the programme. Nowzad is confident, that under the direction of this dedicated individual, the programme will be successful, particularly due to the large numbers of working animals in Kabul. So far our funds have been used to buy and administer tetanus and rabies vaccinations (many donkeys get bitten by stray dogs so rabies vaccination is  also extremely important), and antibiotic drugs and wound dressings have also been purchased.

Photo: (Credit Nowzad) Nowzad Vet loading donkey onto trailer for treatment at Nowzad Clinic.

We are amazed and humbled at the resilience and dedication of the Nowzad team, in the face of extreme adversity. Their commitment to long term animal care under difficult conditions is truly inspiring and we wish all of the staff and animals a safe and healthy future, wherever they may be.