JTF Grant News

March 2, 2021

After much deliberation, we’re delighted to announce that the following grant applicants were chosen to receive a grant from the Foundation. These grantees were part of our late 2020 round of grant applications. A fantastic variety of projects have been chosen from all around the world. Some will directly go to help individual animals, some for education, others scientific research on conservation and two on pursuing legal actions for the protection of animals. Congratulations to all of these organisations!

Please note that we are now open again for new grant applications.

Advocates for Animals: The UK’s only animal welfare lawyers; much needed when the public’s attention is elsewhere.

Beach Guardian: Beach-cleaning in Cornwall where our grant went towards the construction of an art work in Padstow representing a whale entrapped in plastic debris.

ELI – Scientific: French Scientific expedition to discover more about the little-studied Humpback whales in Nicaraguan waters. ELI-S has a wider brief than pure science, working on five of the UN sustainability goals. Joanna was doing a Masters in delivery of these goals when she died and was awarded her degree posthumously.

Faunalytics: a U.S. nonprofit committed to advancing animal protection through research and education. The mission is to empower advocates with research and strategies that maximize their effectiveness to reduce animal suffering. Our grant is to fund a data series ‘Marine Animal Fundamentals’.

KARUMBE: Based in Uruguay, the funded project seeks to prevent plastic debris from the fishing sector from reaching the Patagonian sea. Marine turtles are thought to be especially at risk. The Joanna Toole Foundation contribution will go towards an education program.

Sage Max on behalf of Richman Law Group in New York for their project Aquatic Animal Walfare Investigation and Case Development. Sage Max is a recent graduate in a fellowship position with Richman Law Group, where fellows develop false-advertising litigation against industrial animal agribusinesses. As food companies increasingly mislead consumers about the industry’s impacts on public health, the environment, animals, and workers—fellows work to expose the harmful reality of commercial animal agriculture and ensure that companies live up to their marketing representations.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue who are extending their wildlife animal hospital in Somerset, England.