Covid19 Emergency Animal Care Grant - 2020

Applications Are Closed

Thank you for your interest in the Covid19 Emergency Animal Care Grant. We had a huge amount of interest and have successfully funded a number of projects.

The Joanna Toole Foundation Covid19 Emergency Animal Care Grant is looking to support organisations who currently offer direct care to animals and who, due to the on-going crisis; require emergency support to continue providing adequate care. Grants may cover companion animals, farm animals, and wildlife, with funding available for the following:

  1. Veterinary services and medical supplies (Funding for veterinary services and medical supplies will be limited to those intended to address urgent welfare needs)
  2. Food purchase and distribution for animals already under care and for any additional animals taken into care during, or as a result of, the crisis.
  3. Costs for any additional infrastructure or running costs that have arisen as a result of the crisis, and that directly impact the quality of animal care that can be provided (staff cover will only be considered if there is a clear and direct link to the provision of animal care as a result of the crisis)

Funding will not be provided for purchase of vehicles, general infrastructure costs and equipment unrelated to COVID-19 needs, or maintenance for existing shelters.

To Apply (Application Now Closed)

Please download and complete the contact information page, grant application and sign before submitting to Each funding request will be considered upon the submission of a complete application form. 

Due to the nature of this grant administration, if you are a successful recipient, the Foundation will endeavour to provide the funds as quickly as possible.

The Joanna Toole Foundation Covid19 Emergency Small Animal Care Grant provides grants up to the amount of £3,000 per application.