Thank you and Merry Christmas from the Foundation

December 22, 2020

Photo: Some of our Emergency Grant funding went to support rescued vervet monkeys at the Vervet Monkey Foundation, South Africa

The first year of the Foundation has been a huge success for animals. We were delighted to launch both a regular grant giving opportunity and our emergency animal care grant in response to the pandemic and as a result we’ve helped people help animals all around the world.  From providing funds for the rescue of hedgehogs, the rehabilitation of seals to the protection of humpback whales along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, our support has been global. We also welcomed the first ever Joanna Toole Internship, sponsored by OceanCare, we’ve been busy!

Alongside this, we had the second year of the  Joanna Toole Annual Ghost Gear Solutions Award (made possible by support from World Animal Protection, the Global Ghost Gear Initiative and Ocean Conservancy) an initiative that provides significant grants for two projects that address ghost gear, one of the biggest threats to animals in the ocean.

We had such amazing grant proposals submitted to the Foundation and we’re grateful for the support of our global expert advisors, who help our Trustees make the difficult decisions on whom to support with grants. Central to the decisions we make, we ask what would Jo do? Her expertise, passion and compassion drives us forward and we are confident that Jo would be proud of what has been achieved for animals under her name this year.

This year has been tough for everyone, so we are incredibly grateful to all our friends and supporters who have championed the Foundation throughout the year.

We want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year and look forward to a productive 2021 for animal welfare!

Merry Christmas

Trustees of The Joanna Toole Foundation